City: 2-trash bag limit leads to less waste and more recycling - North Bay News

2023-04-12 06:08:42 By : Ms. Lemon Chen

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The City of North Bay and its citizens are diverting more waste from its landfill. Best Compostable Garbage Bags

City: 2-trash bag limit leads to less waste and more recycling - North Bay News

There’s been less residential waste going to the Merrick Landfill since a weekly curbside garbage collection limit of two bags per household was implemented a little more than a year ago, according to a news release from the City.

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“When leaf and yard waste is placed at the curb, it’s treated like garbage and brought to the landfill for disposal,” says Coun. Lana Mitchell, the chair of council's infrastructure and operations committee. “Taking it to the Organic Drop-off Depot to be turned into compost, not only benefits the environment, it helps extend the life of the landfill.”

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At the end of 2022 — a year after implementing the two-bag limit — the City saw a year-over-year reduction of 10.8 per cent in tonnage of residential waste going to the landfill.

At the same time, blue box recycling and leaf and yard waste composting were both up, as compared to 2021. 

Recycling increased by more than 150 metric tonnes to 3,242.92 metric tonnes, while leaf and yard waste composting climbed to 1,015 metric tonnes, from 943 metric tonnes in 2021.

The City finished 2022 with an overall waste diversion rate of 24 per cent, up four per cent when compared to 2021 and an increase over both 2020’s 18 per cent and 2019’s 19 per cent.

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“While the numbers tell us that we’re headed in the right direction, we know there is still a lot of work to be done,” adds Mitchell. “The results of our latest waste audit have shown that 60 per cent of the waste that is sent to the Merrick Landfill through curbside pickup could be diverted. We will be continuing to take steps to increase recycling and usage of our other waste diversion programs.”

City: 2-trash bag limit leads to less waste and more recycling - North Bay News

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